Banana Hill resident Al Zanders first appeared with his remix of Fela Kuti’s O.D.O.O., under the alias ‘Lodger’. Since then, the young DJ and producer has gone from strength to strength, selling thousands of records worldwide, playing all across the UK, America and Japan, including Dimensions and Anglesey Festival, Gottwood.

In 2016, Zanders released a tropical tinged split 10” on Banoffee Pies alongside Walter Ego and Philou Louzolo as AZ. Since then, having already been a huge player in record collection for sometime, Al started his own label, the appropriately named A-Z Records, which has already seen two releases, including a remix of local Sheffield band Hot Diamond Aces.

His approach to production amalgamates both jazzy, funky afro house and sublime deep house cuts, worked with the right sheen of dust and immersed in enough smoke to lose yourself in a basement party. He can blissfully rattle from outright house pandemonium to serenity and back with self-confidence and assurance.

Known for his eclectic and energetic sets, Zanders is quickly building up a strong following amongst the press, music enthusiasts and dancers alike. He has the rare ability to go between many musical cultures and genres with ease, captivating and surprising the audience with every turn.