• 24hr Concierge
  • En Suite facilities
  • Private Car Park
  • Lockable
  • Porter Service (on arrival)
  • Electricity
  • Lux Showers & Toilets
  • Wooden Flooring
  • Sanctuary Cocktail Bar
  • Hair & Make Up Retreat

For those who prefer a quieter, more serene setting. Campervan pitches are available to purchase with or without electricity with access to private shower and bathroom facilities.


1. Maximum of 4 people per camper van, caravan or motorhome

2. The Camper Van Quite Zone is a strictly ‘quiet’ area for attendees who prefer more serene surroundings.

3. There is a strict midnight noise curfew in the Quiet Zone. Any residents found in breach of this may have their tickets revoked (this is a stipulation required by the land owner).

4. We ask all residents of the Camper Van Quiet Zone to respect their surroundings and other campers in the area. There may be residents in the area who aren’t attending the Lost Village event.

5. Only residents who are sleeping in the Quite Zone may enter. Other fesival goers will not be granted access.

6. Alcohol and food may not be brought into Lost Village from the Quiet Zone under any circumstances.

7. There are exclusive shower and toilet faciliIes for your use in this area, please respect these as you would your own bathroom, leaving them tidy and clean.

8. Personal music systems are prohibited from this area, other than low-level use within your camper van. These systems must not be audible beyond your camper van.

Thanks for reading and apologies if this sounds quite strict, but many of these stipulaions are requested by the land owner. If these rules aren’t to your liking then we’d recommend you book into our Boutique Sanctuary.

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