Life in the Lost Village is a truly crazy existence, and one that can leave your soul needing a little extra love. When that happens, trust your instinct, and head to the water…

Nestled in a secluded lakeside spot, our tribe of therapists will be offering treatments and therapies. Massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and more; let us recharge your soul before you return to the madness of the forest… 

Aromatherapy Massage – With this gentle massage treatment the therapist uses a mix of essential oils.

Deep Tissue Massage  Using deep pressure focusing on the deepest muscle groups and tissue, tendons and fascia to aid and release muscle tension.

Holistic Massage – Using a combination of techniques to relax muscle tissue, working on areas of stiffness and discomfort, stimulating the body’s circulatory and lymphatic system.

Hopi ear candling – A relaxing treatment used to help to decongest the ears and sinuses using beeswax candles.

Hot Stone Fusion Massage – A joyous treatment that can combine the use of hot and cold stones.

Indian Head Massage – A very relaxing and uplifting treatment carried out with the client clothed and in a seated position without oils.

Japanese Facial Massage – A treatment incorporating gentle massage, acupressure points and lymph drainage techniques on the face, head, neck and shoulders to stimulate and relax.

Natural Face Lift Massage  An amazing and relaxing facial massage to help lift and tone facial muscles, remove toxins and release and relax muscle tissue while promoting the skin’s elasticity using a range of techniques from Acupressure, Ayurvedic to Lymphatic Drainage techniques.

Reflexology – Can be described as a non intrusive method, working points over the feet and hands that relate to different aspects and areas of the body.

Seated Massage – The type of treatment regularly used within the work place and public environments, tailoring both to the environment as well as the clients needs.

Sports Massage  The ideal massage for treating injuries and as well as being a preventative treatment.

Swedish Massage  Known in Sweden as ‘classic massage, this treatment uses a range of techniques similar to Deep Tissue Massage, though not working as deeply as Deep Tissue.

Thai Yoga Massage  The slow deep massage and stretch techniques not only works on easing, releasing and opening joints and muscles but also affecting other systems in the body, such as the digestive, lymphatic amongst others.