Tribal Feasts

Exploring every corner of the Lost Village is hungry work. One minute you’re having an out-of-body experience to the sounds of DJ Koze, the next you and your tribe, are being summonsed to the depth of the forest to perform a tribal ritual in a bid to communicate with the spirits of the sky. It’s not an easy life. So when you need to boost your energy in the most lavish way possible, a tribal banquet in a secluded woodland setting, is the only way to go.

Curated by renowned UK chefs, the banquets will provide an incredible 4 course fine dining experience that caters for only 60 people at a time. Taking place just 6 times over the course of the weekend, this will be a very hot, and exceedingly delicious, ticket. Food fans will not want to miss this amazing and unique experience! More news on the chefs and how to buy your ticket for this coming soon.