We are committed to making the experience at Lost Village as inclusive as possible.

This page provides additional information for customers with disabilities or access requirements. We have outlined some key areas below, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything further.

It’s also possible to request a map that highlights key locations and facilities.
Just drop the team an email on [email protected] and one of the team will get back to you.

Please note that all accessible camping must be requested in advance, as we create the space based on requirements for each respective year.


Accessible Camping

We have an accessible campsite at Lost Village which is separate from the general campsite.

The campsite is situated within a pre-existing holiday park which has accessible facilities such as a toilet and shower block. It is possible to park your vehicle next to your tent. Due to the location and the existing setup, there is a strict noise curfew.

Entry to the arena from the access campsite is 300m. From here it’s a further 220m to the Burial Ground (main stage).

It is, of course, possible to camp within the general campsite also and there’s more information on that below.

Accessible Parking

If you are a blue badge holder or you require parking closer to the main festival entry gates please make the staff aware on entry to the car park. We have parking spaces reserved and staff will be able to guide you to a parking spot.

You are still required to purchase a parking ticket here.

Accessible Toilets

We have a number of accessible toilets around the festival site. These are located:

  • Both sides of the Burial Ground stage
  • Next to the Eating House
  • Junkyard stage
  • General Camping
  • Access Camping

Personal Assistant Tickets

If you require a personal assistant to attend the festival with you, we offer 2:1 tickets.

The deadline to apply for a PA/carer ticket has now passed.

Arriving at the festival

General Campsite

The distance from the accessible car park to the entry gates for villagers staying in the general campsite is around 480m. The ground is uneven throughout this route due to part of the route being in woodland.

If you’re arriving by coach, local train station shuttle, or you are being dropped off, the route to the entry gates is 460m. Please note, the peak ingress hours which are 2pm until 9pm on Thursday 26th and 9am until 1pm on Friday 27th.

Should you require help with your bags, we’ll have a team of volunteers on hand to help between the car park and entry gates.

Once you have passed the entry gates, you will be immediately inside the campsite. Arriving early will allow more choice for camping location e.g. if you would like to be closest to the arena entrance. 

Boutique Sanctuary

If you’re staying in the Boutique Sanctuary, depending on where you park, the car park is between 306-406m from the entry gates and reception. We’ll have a team of volunteers on hand to help with your bags. 

After checking in, we also have a porter service to help you with bags from the reception to your tent. If you have any specific access requests, please email us at [email protected].

Site Terrain

Approximately 50% of the festival site (including the campsites) is on open flat grass fields. The other 50% of the site is curated in woodland and the terrain is uneven in some areas due to tree roots. Please note if we experience adverse weather conditions, the ground conditions can become poor. 

Strobe Lighting

Strobe lighting will be used during artists’ performances at the festival. Due to the nature of this, prior notice will not be given before use.

Your Wellbeing and Mental Health

If at any point you feel overwhelmed or that you need a safe space, head to the Welfare Tent where the team will be able to help you. We also have a team of Village Guardians who you can find around the festival site. Their primary role is to ensure the well-being of all villagers so if you see one and need some assistance, simply approach them as they’re there to help you.


Request Accessible Facilities

The deadline to request accessible facilities has now passed.

Please do email us if you have any questions at all.