Anti-Fraud Measures for Lost Village 2019

Anti-Fraud Measures for Lost Village 2019

We are aware that festival fans are increasingly exposed to online fraud via ticket touts and social media accounts professing to have official tickets for sale. To combat this, all Lost Village tickets will now have the ticket holders name on them. Ticket holders MUST bring valid photo ID to gain entry, along with their personalised ticket. The name on the ID has to match the name on the ticket.

For this reason, purchasing tickets from secondary sites such as Viagogo, Skiddle, Ticketline, Stubhub etc is highly discouraged. If you purchase a ticket from a fraudulent site, you may not know until your ticket is scanned upon entry, you will then be unable to enter the festival.

See below for all the details on safely purchasing and reselling tickets.

If purchased via Kaboodle, all tickets are non-refundable except as outlined in the Terms and Conditions – however, it is possible to transfer the tickets from one name to another, for an admin fee of £20, payable by the original ticket purchaser. This fee covers the administrative and resource costs to ensure that such name changes can happen with security, so that the new ticket holder is not exposed to the risk of fraud and does not have to transfer money to an unknown third-party.

Please be aware that in order to change the name on your ticket, both the original ticket purchaser + the new ticket holder must speak to our ticket agent, Kaboodle, via both phone and email, and must submit additional forms as requested. It is a robust and detailed process, but one which we feel is necessary in order ensure total security and peace of mind for everyone involved.

If you purchased your tickets via Resident Advisor, it is only possible for the lead booker to change the name on tickets. If the lead booker purchased more than one ticket in a single transaction, all tickets will be in their name and you will need to enter the festival together. For more information on this please email us at [email protected] or contact RA Ticket Support here.

Please email [email protected] for more information or see our Terms and Conditions.