Allyson June Smith


Outrageously self-deprecating, Allyson’s comedic gift is making every room, whatever the size, feel like an intimate group therapy session. A self-confessed “over-sharer”, any Allyson June Smith show inevitably serves up a potent observational cocktail of wit, bite and shame

That intimacy, that uncommon bond between audience and performer is at the heart of Allyson’s magic as a comedian. Allyson is in high demand as tour support for some of the comedy circuits greatest A-listers, such as Samantha Bee, Katherine Ryan, Stewart Francis.

“She’s yet another hilarious Canadian with great hair”

“Allyson June Smith is simply one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever worked with. Can play any crowd and always has them laughing their heads off. She’s a huge star” Jason Manford