Floating Points (Live)


London based artist and producer Sam Shepherd began Floating Points in 2008 upon the release of several white-label singles. Shepherd formed Eglo Records in 2009 with his own early highlights for the label including cuts ‘Vacuum Boogie’ and ‘ARP3’ leading to increasingly spacious and musical releases ‘Sais’, ‘King Bromeliad’, and ‘Nuits Sonores’.

Shepherd released his break out, critically acclaimed debut ‘Elaenia’ in 2015 on his own label Pluto Records. He composed and recorded the album, which bridges the gap between dance music and his formative classical roots. He returned with the sweeping, extended 2- song ‘Kuiper’ EP in 2016. 2017 saw Shepherd follow with ‘Reflections – Mojave Desert’, a short film and soundtrack featuring tracks recorded in the Mojave Desert, and in October 2017 ‘Ratio’; an epic track bordering on 19-minutes that harks back to his earlier dance floor focussed releases.

Shepherd DJs and performs his live set, whether with his full band or solo electronic setup, across the globe with highlights that include Glastonbury (UK), Coachella (US), Dekmantel (Amsterdam), Laneway (Aus & NZ), Rainbow Disco Club (Japan) and Pitchfork Festival (Europe). Sam also hosts the internationally renowned You’re A Melody DJ parties and co- runs the Melodies International reissues label.