India Jordan B2B Finn


Emerging as one of Europe’s most exciting producers and DJs, India Jordan is a true disciple of high-energy, fast-paced dance music. Having spent the last 10 years holding down residencies and promoting parties across the UK’s North-East while running the acclaimed ambient label New Atlantis, India’s unique brand of vigorous productions such as the 2019 club hit “DNT STP MY LV” have earned them a spot as one of the country’s most promising talents.

Finn produces emotive dance records drawing from Filter House, Speed Garage, UK Hardcore and Detroit Ghetto-Tech, but his music goes far beyond mere homage to these genres. From his instant classic, “Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough” (Defected), to his off kilter, high octane workouts on Local Action (the London label he shares with T. Williams, Dawn Richard, DJ Q & India Jordan), there is an honesty and exuberance to Finn’s releases that can only come from a place independent of trends, algorithms or other such contemporary calculations.

The music Finn plays out and showcases on his monthly radio show with NTS, one of the UK’s finest sources for underground music, echoes his aesthetic inclinations in the studio. His DJ sets, mixes, and radio activity are full of dance- floor oddities that might be slightly eccentric or constructed in a peculiar way, but that all share a passionate earnestness and authenticity removed from cynicism or hype. Finn’s freedom from the tyranny of crowd pleasers also allows for a certain level of versatility: he’s just as at ease playing B2B with Skream, Mumdance, Mella Dee or Eclair Fifi as he is going maximum overdrive in his solo sets, as in his recent Boiler Room appearance.

Having just completed a trilogy of critically acclaimed records on Local Action, Finn will be delivering more of his own productions later this year. He also has a slew of releases lined up for his own imprint, 2 B REAL, that are set to follow Anz’s acclaimed “Invitation 2 Dance” EP.