Jayda G


Jayda G is a Canadian DJ, producer and label boss that moves back and forth from Vancouver to Berlin. As a producer, she came out with her first release on the Australian label, Butter Sessions in May 2015. Jayda curated the label Freakout Cult with Sex Tags Mania co-founder DJ Fett Burger, the imprint inspired by the Freakout Cult club night the two started in Vancouver. The first record NYC Party Track was released late September of 2015 and records by a host of artists including LNS and DJ Tequila followed, the tenth and final record dropped in Summer 2018, an album by DJ Fett Burger and Stiletti Ana entitled 358 Men.

Jayda started her own label JMG around the same time, with the imprint focusing on her own music and collaborations. The odd remix has also crept out. Jayda has been touring the world in the mean time, becoming a breath of fresh air to the scene. She has gained wider attention with a pair of Boiler Room sets and backing this with consistently strong online mixes ranging from the evergreen Trushmix series to Discwoman