Perel’s path has led her from her native Saxony straight into the center of Berlin’s vibrant club

scene, where she has steadily made a name for herself as an eclectic DJ and cunning producer.

Annegret Fiedler ventured into the realm of songwriting at the age of eight, composing her first songs on her grandmother’s piano while listening to Eurythmics and 2 Unlimited cassettes in her spare time. Moving to the East German city of Halle to study, she was heavily influenced by the multifaceted alternative music scene there, and the parties people threw in post-Berlin Wall abandoned buildings. Fiedler went on to develop her craft as a formally trained singer and co- producer in several bands, covering a broad palette of styles ranging from punk rock to electro pop and honing her performance skills.

In 2010, she moved to Berlin, where she was part of a live, club-oriented project until 2012. Two years later, Perel was born, and under that name she’s since released records on Montreal’s Griffintown and Leipzig’s O*RS. These days, she can be found playing DJ sets at internationally acclaimed venues like Berghain / Panorama Bar, De School, ://about blank, and Wilden Renate, while also forging connections with Paris’ Rex Club, Oslo’s Jæger, and Bossa Nova Civic Club in New York.

Perel’s mixes also caught the attention of Tim Sweeney, who invited her into his studio to round off 2016 on his Beats In Space radio show. A final NYC set at The Lot Radio last December caught the attention of DFA Records – “Die Dimension” is the first single from her debut 12” with the label. A full LP will follow in April 2018. The early 80’s sounds of that Eurythmics cassette prove influential on many tracks, where Perel begins to combine her love of dance music with the stark vocal delivery of Annie Lennox.

Though she started out DJing in 2008 with synth wave and 80s records, her current DJ style is an improvised but impeccably executed amalgamation of various genres. Perel’s extensive sets are informed by a lush and harmonically rich sound that can be heard in her own productions as well, as she seamlessly blends upbeat disco and house with blistering techno, dollar-bin gems with the music of her friends. She aims to take her crowd on an extensive trip with unforeseen twists and open endings.

A truly captivating performer, Fiedler lets the audience’s energy guide her in rooms both big and small. Both as a DJ and as a producer of distinctive and eclectic tunes, Perel challenges the current sonic landscape.