Contractor Terms of Engagement

In order to maintain an event of the highest quality, we ask that you consider the following and sign below in good faith. We endeavour to build a consistent team of the best available contractors in the market place who are conscientious in their approach and strive to uphold the values of the festival and the team which operate it. In light of this, we require the following.

1.0 Environmental best practice

1.1 We ask that during the build, you are mindful of the amount of waste you create, and go out of your way to tidy up after yourself. When using bins, please sort your waste into the correct receptacles.

1.2 Please turn off equipment when not in use, to save on fuel used.

1.3 Please only use what you need from our supply and be mindful of the natural water courses around you. Please pour nothing into any of the ditches or lakes on site.

2.0 Use of shared equipment and resources;

2.1 Buggies and gators.

Buggies must be ordered with Chris Randall prior to arrival ([email protected]) The site team will implement their own sign out and damage record sheet for buggies and gators which you must adhere to.

2.2 Radios

Similarly, NRB will manage radio distribution on site. These must be ordered in advance, through the accreditation form or via James Dutton ([email protected]) .

2.3 Plant

Plant must be ordered with Chris Randall prior to arrival. The site team will implement their own sign out and damage record sheet for plant, which you must adhere to.

3.0 Deliveries;

3.1 Planned Deliveries.

The site manager Chris Randall, or Assistant Oli Crisp, must be made aware of any pre planned deliveries with details to include; the time, the load and details of any plant required to offload.

3.2 Additional Deliveries.

Any deliveries that occur that are additional to deliveries planned with the site manager or his assistant, will incur a £50 cash deposit to be paid on entry to site, to ensure the vehicle and it’s driver leave site within 1 hour of arrival. This is a security measure, and to help us keep the site flowing as it should.

4.0 Vehicle Movement;

4.1 During Build.

No vehicle on site must travel above 5mph. No vehicle must enter the woods without the expressed consent of the site manager.

4.2 Arena Movements.

We have absolutely zero tolerance for vehicle movements within arenas after opening on the 23rd and closing at 1pm on the 27th.

4.3 Monday Movements.


5.0 Staff / Team;

5.1 Campsite behaviour.

Please behave with respect. The site is in part, a commercial camping site, and must be treated as such.

5.2 Use of local amenities.

We work hard to maintain a solid reputation in the locality. Keep this in mind, and behave as though you are representing the festival… you are!

5.3 Use of Oakhill Leisure facilities.

Do not use the showers and toilets belonging Oakhill Leisure.

6.0 Invoicing;

6.1 Invoice transparency and clarity on terms.

Please itemise all invoice items where possible, and if you have a clear idea of payment terms, set out on the invoice or in plain terms within the email thread.

6.2 Purchase Order system.

Lost Village operates a Purchase Order system. In most circumstances, a PO will have been raised for all pre agreed work. The usual “No PO, no payment” rules apply.

6.3 “Extras”.

Lost Ventures ltd, will not pay any “extras” – no matter what anecdotal evidence is supplied that they were requested. If you are asked by anyone on site if you could “just add this” or to do any “favours” – we kindly ask that you refer to this clause, and any extras will pass through the right channels. For clarity, any product or service over the value of £150 incurred over the build is signed off by a Director, on presentation from the site manager or his office team.

7.0 Accreditation

7.1 Form Accuracy

You are fully responsible for making sure the form is not a rushed exercise, and that it’s details are accurate. We cannot change our allocations, provisions and resources on site to cope with any errors you have made in the process.

7.2 Deadline Respect

Please respect the deadlines we request, they’re set to make the operation as slick as possible, not not to make your life difficult.

8.0 Build & Break

The site will be open 7.30am to 8pm daily from Monday 14th August – Friday 1st September.

All contractors should report to the Site Office on arrival. Parking is only permitted in designated car parks on site. Vehicle passes must be displayed at all times.

Appropriate PPE should be worn at all times during the build and break period (not necessary during show days).

Working areas shall be kept tidy, access and emergency exit ways kept clear, and surplus and/or scrap material removed daily.

All decor items and fabrics should be flame proofed, and electrical equipment should be tested and maintained in accordance with current regulations.

No Smoking within any structures or cabins or around any designated signed areas.

A basic level of first aid cover will be available on site during the site opening hours, however this does not remove your responsibility to ensure adequate cover within your own team is in place to comply with current First Aid at Work Regulations.

All accidents and near misses must be reported to the Site Manager or Health & Safety Officer as soon as it is safe to do so. This includes damage to equipment or property.

Be mindful of the local residents, and maintain courteous and professional behavior when on site.

9.0 Documentation

Contractors must submit all Health & Safety documentation by Friday 3rd August 2018

Documentation should be submitted to [email protected]

Mandatory documentation:

  • Site specific risk assessment
  • Method statement for tasks undertaken
  • Public liability insurance certificate showing a minimum of £10 million cover
  • Employers liability insurance certificate showing a minimum of £5 million cover
  • Completed safe working agreement

Where applicable additional documentation/information may be required:

  • Company H&S policy (if company employees 5 or more employees)
  • Plant and equipment training certificates
  • PAT testing records for any portable electrical equipment brought to a site
  • Certificate of fire retardancy for construction materials and fabrics
  • Structural calculations, structural drawings and event specific wind action plan
  • Blank completion certificates for temporary structures, rigging, power and other utilities
  • Gas safe certificates for all gas appliances brought onto site
  • A rescue plan will be needed where there is a risk of failure of equipment e.g. use of MEWP

Concessions and food providers will also need to provide:

  • Fire risk assessment for catering units
  • Food hygiene certificates for all contractors handling or undertaking food preparation. HACCP document complete with record sheets for food being served on site

Please ensure that you have hard copies of the documents on site with you. These may be requested at any time by the site team or by the Local Authority enforcement team.