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A range of free workshops available including fire writing, jewellery-making, carving & more...


Forgers Fayre is the creative centre of the Lost Village; a hub for artists, sculptors and potion makers. Learn new skills, craft wondrous contraptions and peruse the most spectacular of otherworldly clothing.

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    • Fire Writing

      Using the sketchbooks provided for inspiration or their own ideas participants sketch a design and then transfer it to their chosen item – spoon, keyring, log or pendant. Using pyrography pens the design is burnt into the wood and varnished or painted.

    • Floriography

      Floriography is the art of cryptic communication. Choose from our beautiful selection of dried, natural flowers and discover each ones message and symbolism. We will help you create a crown, hair pin or bouquet – woven with your own coded messages and stories. Either to wear as a unique festival hairpiece or to give to an unsuspecting friend!

    • Headpieces

      Our tutor will provide you with all the guidance and materials needed to create your very own unique festival headpiece, using a range of materials and techniques including artificial flowers, Pom poms, lights, and fruit.
      Feel free to bring your own trinkets and festival finds to transform into an amazing headdress!

      No experience necessary!

    • Leathercraft

      An introduction to leatherwork. You’ll be taught how to use a range of leather tools and stamps to create your own handmade carved coin purse/wallet, ear phone holder or keyring.

    • Mask Craft

      Choose from a selection of Venetian masquerade masks and use them as a base to create new wondrous and mystical identities. Glue guns, feathers, paints, flowers, felt, wire etc provided.

    • Mosaics

      Using hand cut ceramic or clay tiles create your own mosaic upon the base of your choice. You’ll be taught cutting, shaping and basic applying techniques. Create a unique masterpiece and leave with a new skill!

    • Fire Tiles

      Paint your design with alcohol inks onto ceramic tiles and learn how to use a small flame to seal your creation.

    • Resin Jewellery

      Using uv drying resin - capture a memory, a random knickknack or choose something from the selection offered – dried flowers, paint, dye, biodegradable glitter- in the jewellery mould of your choice – ring, pendant, or brooch.

    • T-Shirt and Tote Bag Workshop

      Using heat transfer vinyl you will be creating your own unique design on a t shirt or tote bag. With a spectrum of vinyl colours and plenty of inspiration on hand to develop your ideas, the creative possibilities are endless. Enjoy the workshop alone or with friends. Personalise your t shirt or tote bag with a memory, statement slogan, print or pattern and create a keepsake from your Lost Village festival experience. All materials and equipment will be provided.

    • Weaving - Pompoms

      Choose to make hair clips, shoe clips, headbands, garlands, head dresses out of either pre-made or hand-made pompoms or create their own! Glue, thread, needles, and other decorations – feathers, buttons, ribbon etc will be provided.

    • Weaving - Dream Catchers

      Sit down with your choice of coloured thread, decorations, feather and beads or anything you’ve collected on your journey, then learn how to weave a dreamcatcher OR choose a pre wrapped ring and a lace centre piece and weave the two together with your choice of coloured thread and any added decorations – feathers, beads etc.

    • Wood Carving

      Learn a little of the ancient craft of woodcarving. Our tutor will guide you through the basics and teach you the skills needed to carve your own wooden spoon.

  • Circus Of Astonishment Activities

    • Archery & Crossbows

      Become one with your target. Discover accuracy on the range through focus and mindfulness. Or have a go on a tactical crossbow and hit the mark.

    • Axe Throwing

      Because Bowling and Darts are boring! There’s nothing quite like hurling metal at timber: axe throwing is gaining popularity across the world as a recreational activity, not just reserved for lumberjacks and vikings...