Forger’s Lane: a hub of creative energy

Forger’s Lane: a hub of creative energy

Forgers Lane is a bustling settlement of crafters, creatives and teachers. They’re always ready to teach Villagers new skills, with creative workshops across the weekend.

Dream Catchers

Step into the spinning wagon, choose from a beautiful selection of hand wrapped rings, feathers, beads and threads and weave your own web. Don’t let your dreams get away!


Breathing techniques, mindfulness and the endeavour to lose the ‘idea of the self’, as well as traditional archery techniques. This workshop is as suitable for newcomers and experienced archers alike.


Design, create and assemble a kaleidoscope so that you can experience a psychedelic light show whenever you choose. Portable, easy to make and uniquely different to commercially produced versions you’ve seen in shops.

Harp Boutique

Learn how to craft a one-off floral crown from pom-poms, flowers, feathers and trim. Feel free to bring along some of your own trinkets and we can help you to make something even more personal.


Create your own clothing by shooting a crossbow loaded with colour and UV brightness at your chosen shawl, scarf, top or tunic. Dip your bolts in the colour of your choice and begin the process of creatively colouring your cloth!

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