Important Information

Important Information

Festival Entry Times

  • Thursday 23 Aug – 2pm until midnight
  • Friday 24 Aug – 9am until 10pm
  • Saturday 25 Aug – 9am until 7pm
  • Sunday 26 Aug – 9am until 7pm

You will be required to vacate the festival site on Monday 27 Aug by 12pm (midday).

Getting Here


Use this in your sat-nav. As you get close to the festival follow signs for LOST VILLAGE FESTIVAL from all directions.

Car Park

If you’ve already purchased your car park ticket, you will receive it as an e-ticket via your email. If you’ve yet to purchase, then please do so HERE.

Please take all your belongings in one trip. Once you’ve entered the Lost Village there’s no same-day pass-outs.

Train Shuttle Bus

We are operating a shuttle bus between Newark North Gate and Lost Village in accordance with the gate opening times (See above).

Leaving the Festival

Like most festivals, for security reasons, you cannot leave and come back in on the same day. If you leave the site, you can come back the following day after 9am.

Opening Times

You can arrive as of 2pm on Thursday, with the music starting from 3pm. Get to site nice and early, especially if you want to get a specific spot for your tent. We do expect queues into the Village so please plan accordingly. You can see the full gate ‘Opening Times’ by clicking HERE.


You will be asked for ID on Entry. You’ll need a valid passport or driving license.

The Oracle

Located next to the Paint Den and the Vintage Emporium, The Oracle is a fountain of knowledge and information. If you have ANY questions, want to find out where something is, or simple want to book experiences such as Yoga or the Tribal Banquet, this is where you need to go.

LV Mobile App

Receive app-exclusive  announcements about secret performances and unmissable moments across the weekend. Get the iPhone app HERE and the Android app HERE.

Are There Any Hot Showers?

We have both a provision of free basic showers, plus luxury showers, provided by ZooLoos Powder Room for those who have purchased a ZooLoos Powder Room Pass.

Other Extras

Other extras available to purchase in advance include lockers and phone charging facilities. You can purchase these HERE.

Can I Bring in Any Alcohol?

Like many small festivals, we have to limit the amount of alcohol brought into the event. The personal allowance is 12 cans of beer/ lager / cider OR 2 bottle of wine per person. No spirits are allowed. All glass must be decanted into plastic bottles. Lost Village is an incredibly elaborate and complex festival, and thus costs a huge amount of money to create. For this reason bar sales are the lifeblood of Lost Village. If we didn’t have this restriction in place, Lost Village would cease to exist. Thanks for believing in us.

Can I Bring in My Own Food?

Sure. However, one of the best things about LV is the huge selection of exceptional food. Yes, it’s a couple of quid more expensive than Dave’s Burger Van, but it’s also about 100 zillion times nicer!

Can I Have a Gazebo on My Tent?

Sadly, due to space restraints you can’t have gazebos.

What the Hell am I Gonna Wear?

Lost Village is known to many as ‘the land of the missing’… Its natives seemingly plucked from the sands of time. Upon entering the woods you too should prepare to transform.

Reference the past, be it bright and bold or dark and surreal. The choice is yours…

For those seeking an extra blast of colour, head to the Vintage Emporium and Paint Den, located alongside Forgers Lane workshops.

Native American Headdresses

Due to their protected cultural significance, we ask that you do not wear Native American headdresses. Lost Village is a chance to really let your imagination run wild, so think outside the box.

Traveller’s Guide and Village Map

You can purchase a limited edition Lost Village lanyard and beautiful map of the village, featuring set times, comedy schedule, talks, workshops and more. Find them in The Oracle.

Love the Woods

The woods are a beautiful place, brimming with natural life. Please help us keep it this way be using bins and generally keeping the place tidy. Thank you!

Good Vibes Only

Lost Village is an intimate gathering of like minded souls, so anyone seeking to spoil our experience will be ejected without delay. If someone is being aggressive or acting inappropriately, we urge you to speak to a member of security or contact us on 07930 855219.

Village Guardians

The Village Guardians’ sole purpose is to ensure you feel safe at all times. If you are feeling vulnerable or a little uneasy, the Guardians will help.  They’re not security, however they can assist with security issues, if you wish. Look out for their green t-shirts, they’re based across the site…

Anything Else I Should Know?

Possibly! Please have a good look at our FAQs page, just to be sure.