Incredible Eating


Lakeside banquets, world-renowned restaurants and an array of global flavours; incredible eating is at the heart of your Lost Village experience.

Boundary-pushing food from the UK’s finest chefs

Tucked away in a secluded part of the Village, the long-table Forest Banquet is a truly unforgettable experience, curated by a collection of the UK’s most celebrated chefs.

From vegan wonders to slow-cooked meats; Lost Village is home to very best names in global street food.

The home of irresistible food

The Eating House brings together a hand-picked selection of highly celebrated London eateries, all under one roof. Experience forward-thinking food and drink in the heart of the Village.

Serving all weekend from 9am

Lost Village and our Tribal Banquet super heroes Sabel Food collaborate to bring you one killer brunch & late lunch restaurant.