Forest Banquets

Forest Banquets

Curated by some of UK’s most celebrated chefs, the Forest Banquets are an unforgettable experience... Prepare for forward-thinking food & drink in this beautifully laid-back environment.

Friday 26th August

Melissa Hemsley is incredibly passionate about spreading the gospel of feel-good food. A best-selling author and sustainability champion; her flavour-packed dishes focus on seasonal, ethically grown produce combined with an acute awareness of the individual power of the ingredient she uses.

Saturday 27th August

Tim Siadatan is the mastermind behind two of London's most revered restaurants; Trullo in Islington and Padella in Shoreditch and Borough. A love letter to his countless Italian excursions, Tim's passion centres around the importance of cooking according to the seasons, using exceptional produce and truly understanding provenance.

Sunday 28th August

It wouldn’t be Lost Village without the world’s best hangover cure! On the Sunday of Lost Village, we hand over to the ever-wonderful Hawksmoor for their world-famous Sunday Feast, served with either British grass-fed, dry-aged beef or flavour-packed mushroom & ricotta dumplings.