Merlin Labron-Johnson & Jackson Boxer

12.30pm & 6pm


Merlin Labron-Johnson and Jackson Boxer are two of the finest culinary mavericks of our time – at Lost Village 2019 they will combine their talents to create one of the most exciting Tribal Banquets to date, with vegetables at the heart of the story.

 Their combined history has seen Boxer open the critically acclaimed Brunswick House in Vauxhall, Orasay in Notting Hill and St Leonards in Shoreditch, whilst Labron-Johnson has opened numerous restaurants, pioneered a ‘minimal waste’ approach to cooking and dedicated huge amounts of time to his charitable pursuits, all whilst being one of the youngest chefs in the UK to be awarded with a Michelin star for his work at Portland. In short, this passionate and creative duo have a lot of energy – making this an unmissable Tribal Banquet of epic-proportions. 

Your meal will include an aperitif and digestif cocktail, and will be accompanied by free-flowing red or white wine throughout.

 Please note, you must have a festival ticket to attend the Tribal Banquet. All advance tickets are now sold out. A limited number are available to purchase at The Oracle.

Friday, 12.30

Saturday, 6pm

  • Lunch - 12.30pm

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    Dinner - 6pm

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