Tribal Banquets

Tribal Banquets

Curated by some of UK’s most celebrated chefs, the Tribal Banquets are an unforgettable experience... Prepare for forward-thinking food & drink in this beautifully laid-back environment.

Friday 23rd August

Merlin Labron-Johnson and Jackson Boxer are two of the finest culinary mavericks of our time – at Lost Village 2019 they will combine their talents to create one of the most exciting Tribal Banquets to date, with vegetables at the heart of the story.

Saturday 24th August

Chef Neil Rankin makes his Lost Village debut. Expect open-fire cooking and a Mexican inspired feasting menu.

Sunday 25th August

A UK festival exclusive with the legendary Hawksmoor. The Sunday feast will be a riotous celebration of big, bold flavours for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.