23—26th august 2018
Lincolnshire, UK

Lost Village is an immersive festival experience, in an abandoned woodland village. 

As you venture into the woods, you enter a land that time forgot; an ancient forest inhabited by all manner of unusual people. Nomadic tribes, clandestine cults and misplaced souls, all wonder its leafy corridors. Once inside you will co-exist with the native people of the Village, as reality flickers and a new world arises. A surreal dreamscape of unsolved mysteries.

Whether dancing in the grounds of the Abandoned Chapel, feasting at the Tribal Banquet, learning new skills on Forger’s Lane or expanding your mind in the Institute of Curious Minds; this is truly a festival experience like no other. 

The Lake of Tranquility lures you to the waters edge, with promises of hot tubs, saunas and relaxation, whilst the Lost Theatre plays host to a spectacular line-up of the country’s finest comedy. A passion for food flows throughout the woods, with a myriad of global street food restaurants lining the Basecamp and Tribal Banquets serving Michelin star level food, cooked by some of the UK’s most forward-thinking young chefs. Much more than a music festival, Lost Village is a land of discovery.

Early booking is strongly advised, due to the intimate size of the festival. 

The woods are waiting… 

For our location and information on travel, head to the getting here page

Boutique Sanctuary

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Verifying your account
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I want to book more than one boutique structure in one transaction – is this possible?
Of course, please contact our customer services team on 0333 240 0779 and they will be able to set-up an account and process your booking. In future you will be able to add all extras via your customer dashboard.


Do we have to camp?
No, if you choose not to camp your wristband will allow you access on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, however anyone leaving the site and returning the next day, will be re-searched on entry.

Can I leave the site and return again?
We have a no re-entry policy. On arrival at the festival site you will need to bring everything with you in on go and you cannot leave the site and return to your car once inside. In extenuating circumstances it will be at the discretion of our gate manager and security team whether a pass out will be permissible.

If you are leaving the festival site because you are staying off site, you can only re-enter the festival site the following day. No same day re-entry is allowed

Do I have to pay extra for camping?
Nope, it’s included as part of your ticket.

Can I go back to the car once I’m in the festival/campsite?
We have a no-entry policy. On arrival at the festival site you will need to bring everything with you in on go and you cannot leave the site and return to your car once inside. In extenuating circumstances it will be at the discretion of our gate manager and security team whether a pass out will be permissible.

How far is it from the car park to the festival/campsite?
It will be a short walk (around 5 minutes) from the car park to festival entrance.

Are you allowed to bring knives for camping / food preparation?
No. Common sense will be used when your belongings are searched upon entry. We will only allow small utensils at the sole discretion of our security team.

Is there a campsite shop?
Yes! We will have a campsite shop which will stock everything a discerning camper needs. We’ll also have a campsite bar too, which will operate as an off-license. 

What size gas canisters can you bring?
Your gas canister must be less than 500g. Any canister of 500g, or more, will not be allowed into the camping area. You will be asked to return canisters over 500g to your vehicle.

Will there be boutique camping options?
Yes indeed! The Boutique Sanctuary is now on sale. We have a wide range of boutique accommodation for you to choose from HERE

Can I bring a camper van?
Yes, we have a limited number of camper van tickets available to purchase HERE. Please be aware that all camper van pitches are located in the ‘Camper Van Quiet Zone’. Sorry to be militant, but this is a requirement of the site and has to be enforced. Please don’t book a camper van pitch if this doesn’t appeal to you.

Is there a restriction on tent size?
No set restriction – however please be considerate to other campers and don’t bring anything ridiculously over the top. Gazebos are not permitted.

Can I bring a generator?
For safety reasons generators (of any size) are not permitted.

Can I bring a soundsystem/speakers?
As as condition of us gaining our license only small portable bluetooth speakers are permitted. Large speakers and soundsystems are not permitted. If  you are unsure of the size of your speaker, please ask us!

Can I bring a barbecue or start a fire?
For safety reasons no barbecues or fires are permitted in any circumstance. Anyone found starting a fire will be removed from the festival immediately. This requirement is taken very seriously due to the nature of the site and the vast surrounding woodland. Thanks for understanding! 

When does the campsite open and close?
Campers can arrive as of 2pm on Thursday 23rd August and as of 9am on the Friday (24th), Saturday (25th) and Sunday (26th). Non-campers may enter the site as of 9am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The campsite will close at 12pm on Monday 27th August, so you’ll need to be packed up by then!

Is there somewhere I can keep valuables?
Yes! We’ll have secure lockers available on site, which you will be able to pre-book over the coming months.


Will there be cash machines on site?
Yes! All bars and the majority of food traders will have PDQ machines to take contactless card payments.

Disabled access

If you are disabled or care for someone who is, please drop us an email hello @ and we will be very happy to assist you in every way that we can.


Can I bring my own alcohol ?
As a small independent event we need bar sales to keep the festival alive. The elaborate woodland site and production-heavy nature of Lost Village means it’s very expensive to make the festival happen, and thus we have to stipulate a limit on alcohol brought into the site (most small festivals have this policy). The personal allowance is 12 cans of beer/ larger or cider OR 2 bottle of wine per person. No spirits are allowed. All glass must be decanted into plastic bottles. Thanks for your understanding.

Can I bring glass bottles?
For safety reasons you are not allowed to bring glass bottles into either the camping or festival site. Alcohol within your limit must be decanted into plastic bottles. Any glass items, except for small make-up items and perfume/aftershave will not be permitted into the campsite or festival site.

Can I bring soft drinks ?
Sealed drinks, like bottles of water, are allowed but will be checked on entry to the site. There is no set limit on soft drinks.

Am I allowed to bring my own alcohol or soft drinks into the festival site?
No, your personal alcohol allowance is only for the camping area. There will be numerous bars selling a variety of drinks throughout the festival.


Can I bring food?
Of course, however our food on site will be some of the tastiest you’ve ever had at a festival! We’re committed  to ensuring your experience at Lost Village is an amazing one!

There is no limit re food.

What food will be available?
We’re very particular about what we put in our bellies, so expect a range of high quality global cuisine served in the various Lost Village eateries.

Keep an eye out for our Tribal Banquet. They will be going on sale early 2018. Places are limited so we advise acting fast!

Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options will be available from many of our street food restaurants. A full list of our food traders will be available early 2018.

Hotels & Apartments

If you’d prefer to stay in a hotel for the weekend, then we can recommend the below accommodation. All are based in Lincoln, and approximately 20 minutes from the festival (which is around a £15 taxi ride).

Alternatively we are 15 minutes from Newark and about 20 minutes from Grantham. There’s also lots of small B&B’s in the surrounding villages.

The festival location is: LN6 9HN

Charlotte House

Bail House Hotel

Serviced Apartments


We encourage you to store your valuables safely via secure lockers at the festival.

We will have lockers available on site and you can book them on arrival. There will be a limited number so please make sure to do this soon after entering the festival!

You can pre-purchase locker hire for the whole festival here.


What time does the music start and finish?

Given the beauty of our woodland location, and the nature of the Lost Village concept, our festival is very much a daytime-centric experience. This means everything gets busy much earlier than festivals that run through the night, with activities starting from 9am.

This approach is key to our uniquely relaxed atmosphere – mornings can be spent chilling by the lake, enjoying talks at the Institute of Curious Minds, relaxing in the Energy Garden or eating seriously good food.

Music ends at 2am on Saturday and Sunday, 11pm on Thursday and 1am on Friday.

After hours bars and hang-outs close at 1am Thursday, and as late as 3.30am Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Opening times

Campers can arrive as of 2pm (car park opens at midday) on Thursday 23rd August and as of 9am on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The campsite is only open to campers on Thursday and non-campers may enter the festival site as of 9am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The campsite will close at 12pm on Monday 27th August.

Music ends at 11pm Thursday, 1am Friday and 2am Saturday and Sunday.

Bars close at 1am Thursday, and as late as 3.30am Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Last entry

Last entry on Thursday 23rd is midnight

Last entry on Friday 24th is 10pm

Last entry on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th is 7pm



Will there be parking?
Yes, there will be ample parking using our official parking areas.

Car parking can now be booked online HERE via the EXTRAS page. It’s more expensive to purchase parking on arrival so we’d advise purchasing advance.

If you are arriving by train please refer to our GETTING HERE page.

Phone charging

Will there be a place to charge phones?
Yes. There will be a small charge for this service. However, if you have accommodation within the Boutique Sanctuary, you’ll have access to a power-point within your unit or within the reception area.

We also have unlimited charging and take-away charging services bookable here.

Proof of age

This is an 18+ event. Your Driving License or Passport will be required on entry as proof of ID.

Please note we are unable to accept ANY other form of ID, so please ensure you have these in good time, prior to the festival.

There will be no entry to those under 18, or those without sufficient ID. Refunds are not valid for ticket holders refused entry on ground of age or insufficient of ID.

Search policy

The safety and well-being of our Lost Village attendees is at the forefront of our priorities. Stringent searches will be conducted upon entry to the festival. Anyone found carrying illicit items will have them confiscated and may be removed from the festival and passed over to the Police as a result.

Illicit and illegal items include:

  • Fireworks, flares and high power torches
  • Alcohol (over and above your personal allowance)
  • Illicit drugs, New psychoactive substances, Poppers or Nitrous Oxide
  • Glass (except for small make-up items and perfume/aftershave)
  • Animals (except guide dogs)
  • Anything which could be considered an offensive weapon

Please note, this list does not include all illicit and illegal items. To view the full list, click here


How much are tickets?
Lost Village tickets are released in phases. In short, the sooner you buy your ticket the better the price. So be quick, and make sure you don’t miss out. Head to our tickets page here.

Payment Plan Tickets
The Payment Plan option splits the cost of your Lost Village ticket over 3 months. The first payment includes booking fees and postage as a one-off charge. This is then followed by 2 equal monthly payments. Tickets cost £15 more than single payment tickets due to spreading the cost

Can you buy single day tickets?
Nope, it’s weekend tickets only. To really appreciate the Lost Village experience you need to fully immerse yourself in this weird and wonderful place!

I can’t go anymore, can I get a refund?
All tickets are non-refundable

Residents’ Tickets
We allocate a number of discounted tickets to residents who live within the local area. Tickets are available from Tranquility Hair and Beauty in Witham St Hughs. You will need to bring an original proof of identity and proof of address. Due to the location of where these tickets are sold, payments can only be taken in cash. The list of locations of where you need to live is below:

Auborn, Haddington, Bassingham, Witham St Hughs, Thurlby, Norton Disney, Carlton Le Moorland and Swinderby

Questions relating to tickets and payment plans…

If you purchased a PRE-SALE ticket, your any ticketing related queries should be directed to Ticketline on 0161 813 2222. If you purchased your entry tickets via our website, please contact our customer services team on 0333 240 0779 between 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday or email ticketing (@) and one of our team will be happy to help. If you purchased your entry tickets via Resident Advisor and have any questions, you can contact them here

I’d like to add boutique accommodation to my booking. How do I do that?
Boutique accommodation can be purchased HERE. You can pay for the unit in full on checkout, or pay via a payment plan splitting the payment over 3 monthly payments. All extras are upgrades and should be purchased in addition to festival entry tickets.
The tribal banquet, yoga, massages and therapies will go on sale shortly

I’ve already got a festival ticket but I need to purchase a car park ticket now?
You can purchase a car park ticket HERE. You’ll need to click CONTINUE past any page which isn’t relevant to you

When will I receive my tickets?
E-tickets will reach you approximately 7 days before the event, unless arrangements have been made for tickets to be collected at the box office. If you’ve booked your tickets within 14 days of the event, you should receive your tickets no less than 2 days prior to the event.

Toilets / showers

Standard toilet facilities will be available in the campsite. Shower facilities will also be available in the campsite.

Campers also have the option of premium bathroom facilities provided by ZooLoos, located within the campsite. You can purchase a ZooLoos Powder Room pass to access the bathrooms for the duration of the festival. Find out more and buy tickets here.

Those booking Boutique Camping will have access to comprehensive bathroom facilities, showers & pamper rooms.

Travel to Newark Northgate Train Station

We highly recommend arriving to the Lost Village via train. The nearest station is Newark Northgate (if you travel to Newark Castle it’s a short walk to Newark Northgate station!).

We’ll be providing a cheap shuttle bus service from Newark Northgate station to the Lost Village. It will be operating throughout the at regular times. Exact timings will be released in good time before the festival


Volunteer applications have now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied. All successful applicants have been notified. If you have any questions please email volunteer (@)

Where is Lost Village?

The festival location is LN6 9HN. Please enter this into you sat-nav then follow signs for ‘Lost Village Festival’ as you get closer.

If you’re coming via taxi most local companies will be aware of the festival site, if not then simply give them the above instructions. The site is just off the A46, there will be lots of signs to guide you.

For more information on how to find us visit our ‘Getting Here‘ page.

Train Travel

The nearest train station to the festival site is Newark Northgate. Stay tuned for more information on discount codes for train bookings via the East Coast Mainline. There will also be a subsidised shuttle service from Newark Northgate directly to the Lost Village festival site, which is around a 15min journey.

Coach Travel

Coach tickets are available to purchase via Big Green Coach HERE