Guestlist Essential Information


The below rules form the bedrock of a safe, shared and respectful experience. A community and culture we can all be proud of.

Please treat Lost Village as if it were your own back garden — and everyone in it, as if they were your family. 

House Rules

1. We enthuse creative expression, individuality and free-thinking. Regardless of colour, creed or sexuality; everyone is equal and our differences should be celebrated. If you see anyone causing distress to fellow Villagers please call or message the below number or speak to one of the Villager Guardians or a member of security.

2. We are incredibly lucky to call this forest our home. It’s beautiful, intricate and amazing. Please help us keep it this way by treating it with love and using all the bins and facilities provided to keep it clean. There’s a recycling guide on page 6.

3. Lost Village is full of interactive environments lovingly designed, built and orchestrated by our team of dedicated artists and creatives. It’s their livelihood. Please be sure to take care of it and guide others to do the same.

4. Whilst we do our best to detach you from reality, please do remember to treat fellow Villagers, performers and staff kindly. You’re a key ingredient in what makes LV special.

5. Toilets and bathroom. Let’s be honest, this can be a real sticking point at festivals. Ours are highlighted on the map in this book and include private female only urinals. They should be serviced several times a day, however if you notice any issues please call or message the number below so we can alert the team.

Getting Here

Postcode – LN6 9HN
Use this in your navigation app.

For the general campsite and the Sustainable Pre-Pitched campsite, follow signs for ‘Lost Village’.
For the Boutique Sanctuary, follow signs for ‘Boutique’.

Village Entry Times

Thursday 25 August
General campsite & Sustainable Pre Pitched: 10am – 11pm
Boutique Sanctuary: 12pm – 11pm

Get to site nice and early, especially if you want to get a specific spot for your tent. Music starts from 3pm.

Friday 26 August: 9am – 10pm
Saturday 27 August: 9am – 7pm
Sunday 28 August: 9am – 7pm

Non-campers may enter the site as of 3pm on Thursday and 9am on Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th.

Monday 29 August
The campsites will close at 12pm, so you’ll need to be packed up by then!

Car Park

Parking is free for all guests!

If you’re joining us for the day or camping in the general campsite, you can park for free in the main car park. Follow signs for Lost Village. Please reply to the e-ticket email with your car registration, as we are using ANPR technology to speed up the arrival process.

If you’re staying in the Boutique Sanctuary, there is a free private car park. Please follow signs for Boutique. You do not need to provide us with your car registration

Shuttle Bus (from Newark Northgate train station to Lost Village)

We operate a shuttle bus between Newark Northgate station and Lost Village in accordance with the gate opening times on Thursday 25th, Friday 26th and Monday 29th of August (see above).

If you’re traveling by train and haven’t yet purchased a shuttle bus ticket, you can do so HERE.

If you’re staying in the Boutique Sanctuary, make sure you select this when booking tickets. There is also a separate shuttle to board at the station which goes direct to the Boutique Sanctuary.

Leaving the Festival

Like most festivals, for security and safety reasons, you cannot leave the site and return on the same day. If you leave the site, you can come back the following day after 9am. You will be subject to search upon re-entry.

ID and Entry Policy

All Lost Village tickets will have the ticket holder’s name on them. Ticket holders MUST bring a valid photo form of ID to gain entry, along with their personalised ticket. The name on the ID must match the name on the ticket.

Accepted forms of ID are a valid passport, photo driving license or PASSA 18+ card. No other forms of ID are accepted.

Gas Stoves, Barbecues, Fires & Smoking

Newsflash! It’s been a very very dry summer.

As with the majority of camping festivals, the exceptionally dry grass means that camping stoves are obviously off limits this year. As usual, barbecues and fires are not permitted. Even if we get a couple of days of rain prior to the festival, this likely wont be enough to make a significant change given the extended period of hot, dry weather we have  experienced. 

Beyond that, if you’re a smoker, we’d really appreciate you using the smoking areas, which have ashtrays and are positioned in parts of the site where we have the best access for fire safety. We do have firefighters based on site, but they cannot be everywhere, all at once, so we really need your assistance on this one.  Thanks team!


All Lost Village bars will be contactless across the site. Only a small number of food traders will accept cash. 

We accept all card types including American Express and Apple Pay, across all bars and restaurants (individual food traders may have some limitations).

If you do intend to bring cash, you can exchange it for a pre-paid Lost Village card at The Oracle. You’ll then be able to use this at all the contactless bars across the Village. Please note, food traders do not accept this card.

There will be a small number of cash machines in the Village Marketplace for those who require it.

Cup Scheme

A carbon neutral solution…

We operate a circular system, that utilises super durable cups that can be used over and over again. Re-usage is key and our cups will also be cleaned and used at other events too. The more they’re re-used, the better it is for the planet! 

Here’s how it works…

  1. Buy your first drink – a one-off charge of £1.50 will be applied. You won’t need to pay this again! 
  2. Next time you get a drink, take your cup to the bar and it’ll be swapped for a clean one at no further cost.
  3. PLEASE don’t take these cups home! Any cup that exits the circular system is a step in the wrong direction.  
  4. Every cup returned to the bar will be counted — then we’ll plant trees to fully offset the carbon emissions created by the washing and transportation of the cups too. 

The Oracle

Located next to the Hay Barn, The Oracle is a fountain of knowledge and the place to head for any important information. If you have ANY questions, want to find out where something is, or simply want to book experiences such as Yoga or the Forest Banquet, this is where you need to go. 

Please note, we will have very limited availability of extras if you’re wanting to purchase on-site. To avoid disappointment, we advise booking in advance.


LV Mobile App

Receive app-exclusive announcements about secret performances and unmissable moments across the weekend.

The app can be download on iPhone and Android phones.

The Lost Village Newspaper

Grab yourself a copy of the official Lost Village Newspaper which includes a beautiful map of the village, featuring set times, comedy in the Lost Theatre, talks, workshops and lots of in depth information on the incredible food and drink available throughout the village.
We’ll have a team of people handing out newspapers on entry to Lost Village or you can collect one from The Oracle. 

Love the Woods

We are incredibly lucky to call this forest our home. It’s beautiful, intricate and amazing. Please help us keep it this way by treating it with love and using all the bins and facilities provided to keep it clean. 

Our team of artists and set designers spend all year building and creating the amazing environments within Lost Village, please treat them with respect and encourage others to do the same. There’s so much hard work that goes into them! 


We’re doing lots of preparation to make the forest as comfortable as possible, however due to the extended dry weather parts of the site may be dusty.

Of course, we’ll do what we can!

Stay Safe

Whilst we hope your time with us is stress free, it’s important to know where to go should you need any support…

Village Guardians
The Village Guardians are a predominantly female team, led by trained professionals. They’re not security guards, but they can help with security concerns — and they’re not medics, but they can assist with medical concerns too.

In short, they’re here to support you if you find yourself feeling uneasy, vulnerable or concerned about anything, this is for you.

The Village Guardians Hub is located in the Village Marketplace.

Staying Safe
Whilst Lost Village is a very relaxed and intimate environment, we’re always looking for ways to help people feel even more comfortable. Hence this handy new app feature… 

In the app menu just click ‘Safety’ and you’ll find several shortcut buttons, which can contact our Event Control team, your allocated close contacts or simply report an incident. This will help us fix things or deal with situations, should they occur. You can report anything you like, large or small and we’ll try and rectify it there and then. 

You can also find the location of our Welfare, Medical and water points in the app, as well as on the map in the Lost Village book (which you’ll get on arrival). And, of course, please ask any member of our team if you ever need assistance with anything. 

Travel Light

Try not to bring too much with you!

We strongly advise you to bring all of your belongings from your car to the campsite in one trip if you can. If you do need to return to the car park, you are only permitted to do this during off-peak times over the weekend and this is at the security team’s discretion.

You will be subject to search upon re-entry.

Save yourself the carrying – you can purchase a range of camping equipment in advance and collect on-site at Lost Village. View the full range here.

Can I bring in any alcohol?

Like most small festivals, we have to limit the amount of alcohol brought into the event. The personal allowance is 8 cans of beer, lager or cider OR 1 bottle of wine per person. No spirits are allowed. All glass must be decanted into plastic bottles.

Lost Village is an incredibly elaborate, complex and design-heavy festival, and thus costs a huge amount of money to create each year. For this reason, bar sales are our lifeblood. If we didn’t have this limit in place, Lost Village would cease to exist. Thanks for believing in us.


Can I bring in my own food?


However, one of the best things about Lost Village is the huge selection of exceptional food. Yes, it’s a couple of quid more expensive than a standard burger van, but it’s also about 100 zillion times nicer!



As a condition of us gaining our licence only small portable bluetooth speakers are permitted. Large speakers and sound systems are not permitted. If you are unsure of the size of your speaker, please ask us!

For a full list of prohibited/restricted items, please look at our FAQs.

Can I have a gazebo near my tent?

Sadly, due to space restraints, we cannot allow gazebos.

Are there any hot showers?

We have a provision of free showers located in between Yellow Camping & Indigo Camping, plus luxury showers in Orange Camping, provided by ZooLoos Powder Room. 

There are a limited number of Off-Peak ZooLoos Powder Room passes available to purchase here.


Water Points & Bottles
We encourage you to bring your own water bottle to refill at the water points across the festival site. Take a look at the map in the newspaper to find the locations.

In addition, you can purchase bottled NOBL WATR spring water from our bars. NOBL WATR use cartons made from 95% plant-based materials and are 100% recyclable as a single unit. They are also produced using 100% renewable energy. Their spring water is proudly sourced from the Mendip Hills in Somerset. We have an assigned collection for these cartons and are aiming for a 100% recycling rate at a dedicated facility here in the UK.

Click & Collect Camping Equipment
We’re introducing a new Click & Collect service, which supports one of many eco-initiatives to reduce campsite waste. View the range of items that you can be purchased here.

Why buy costly brand-new camping equipment, when you can purchase reconditioned equipment in advance and collect it on arrival at the festival?  This reduces waste, but it also saves you from carrying lots of equipment on your journey to Lost Village. 

Take Your Tent Home – say no to single-use
Abandoned tents are, by far, the biggest contributor to plastic waste at festivals. An average tent equates to 250 plastic pint cups or nearly 9000 straws. As we’re sure you’ll all agree, we cannot let this trend occur at Lost Village, especially as most discarded tents end up as landfill.

If you have a rogue friend who is prone to abandoning their tent, please help guide them in the right direction 🙂 

We will be operating a 4 bin system for cartons, compostable (food etc), general waste and cans. Please help us by using the right bins. All campers will also be given recycling bags on entry, to help us make sure your rubbish is recycled. 

Our campsite Eco Hub, in partnership with Every Can Counts, means you have a super convenient way to recycle all your cans and tins. Pop into the eco hub and say hi and they’ll tell you everything you need to know. 

Carbon Offset
In partnership with A Greener Festival (AGF) we undertake an independent carbon audit and environmental impact report. Since 2019 we have committed to offsetting our total known Co2 emissions, following each festival, utilising reforestation partners Tree Nation and Plan Vivo. 

To date, we have offset our total known emissions by planting 10800 trees, reforesting 8.4 hectares of land and capturing 1311.78 tonnes of CO2 across Nicaragua, Tanzania, Nepal and Madagascar – a mixture of certified reforestation and conservation projects.

Big Green Coach
For every customer who books travel with Big Green Coach we sponsor and protect 5 square feet of Amazonian Rainforest for 10 years. Find out more and book yours here.

Want to read more on our sustainability initiatives?
For a full list of our current sustainability initiatives please visit our here.

Phone charging & lockers

Located in the Village Marketplace, Charge Candy are providing phone charging and lockers at Lost Village.

You can purchase 4-day passes for both here.


What the hell am I going to wear?

Open-mindedness and inclusivity is at the heart of Lost Village. Longstanding Villagers are known for their elaborate and creative outfits and freedom of expression. In short, wear whatever you want and don’t be afraid to let loose. 

And if you need a little something extra – head to the Vintage Boutique! 

Native American headdresses

Due to their protected cultural significance, we ask that you do not wear Native American headdresses. Lost Village is a chance to really let your imagination run wild and be creative.

Anything else I should know?

Possibly! Please have a good look at our FAQs page, just to be sure. Head here.