Local residents

Local residents 2024

A hub of information for Local Residents, whether you're coming to Lost Village or not.

Information for Local Residents

This page provides further information about Lost Village 2024 and to give you a wider understanding of our role in the local area.

Community Impact Hotline: 01522 719101

(Operational during the live event from midday on Wednesday, 21 August 2024)

Key information

Dates: 22 – 25 August 2024

Location: Oakhill Leisure, Norton Lane

Local Resident tickets: The deadline to apply for Local Resident tickets has now passed.

Contact: If you have any questions or would like to speak to the team, please email residents@lostvillagefestival.com

Discounted resident tickets

We allocate a number of discounted tickets to residents who live within the local area. These tickets are only available for those living in the following villages surrounding the festival site;

Aubourn, Bassingham, Carlton Le Moorland, Collingham, Haddington, Morton, Norton Disney, Stapleford, Swinderby, Thurlby and Witham St Hughs.

The deadline to apply for Local Resident tickets has now passed.

Local causes

In the last 3 years alone, we have donated over £100,000 to local causes in the area. This includes donations to the following: Scout groups, school and nurseries, play equipment, kit for sports team, mental health support groups, historical groups, support for live music, installation of several defibrillators, speed safety signage, tree planting and more.

As a company, we have invested both millions of pounds into the success of the event itself, and hundreds of thousands of pounds each year, directly into the local economy. Calculations demonstrate that the net benefit to the local economy (hotels, B&B’s, taxis, haulage companies, timber merchants, caterers, set design, groundworks, landscaping) is close to £1M a year.

Full details of this will be available in the Community Impact Assessment that we are undertaking, due to be finished in the Autumn of 2024.

About us

What is Lost Village?
Lost Village is an award-winning boutique event encompassing theatre, food, wellness & live music – featuring a wealth of artists, chefs & musicians. The event has won many accolades and is recognised as one of the leading events of its kind in the UK.
The event is a daytime-focused experience with activities such as talks, workshops, wellness and restaurants opening from 9am, then comedy and music commencing at midday.
Headline artists all play before 11pm, with music finishing by 11pm on Thursday, 2am on Friday and Saturday and 1am on Sunday.

Who are the organisers?
The leadership team were born and raised in the local area. We are passionate about Lost Village, and care deeply about it having a positive impact on the local area.

Who is my point of contact?
For 2024, we are introducing a new member of the team Felicity, our Community Impact Manager. Felicity will be on hand to answer any questions, concerns and update you with information as required. You can email her on residents@lostvillagefestival.com, or contact her during the event on 07506 630680 or via our Event Control hotline: 01522 719101.


When is the set up likely to start?
The build of the event site happens over 3 weeks before the event starts. You can expect to see more activity around the event start from the start of August.

Will it effect my travel plans on the weekend?
Please see the road closure information below on this web page.

I need to report an issue – how do I contact the Community Impact Manager?
You can email Felicity on residents@lostvillagefestival.com, or contact her during the event on 01522 719101.

How does Lost Village benefit the local area?
Please read the information available under “Local Causes” on this page.

Do local residents get a reduced ticket price?
Yes, please read the information available under “Discounted Residents Tickets” below.

Is Lost Village happening every year?
Lost Village happens annually, usually on the Bank Holiday Weekend in August. This year, the event begins on the 22nd of August and ends on the 26th of August (with the Bank Holiday Monday being the day that ticketholders leave the site).

I have seen someone acting suspiciously, what should I do?
If you have an uneasy feeling about anything you see, please in the first instance contact Event Control on 01522 719101. If you think immediate action is required by the police, then please call 999 as you normally would.

I’m concerned about anti-social behaviour. What are you doing to prevent this?
We work closely with Lincolnshire Police who have a presence at the event and in and around the local community during the event, with regular patrols taking place.

What actions will you take to ensure that the exterior of the event is kept clean and tidy?
Our waste team litter pick the road network before the event, during it and after the event. If you see something that needs our attention however, please contact our Community Impact Manager on 01522 719101.

Sound levels

You can expect to hear some low level sound off site, as a result of the music played on site. Music is played on site between the following times are agreed by NKDC in our premisis licence; 3pm – 11pm Thursday, 11am to 2am Fri and Sat and 12pm to 1am Sunday.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to get a more accurate picture of how stage orientation and atmospheric conditions will affect off-site noise, we are performing a sound check at 7pm on Wednesday August 21st in the evening. In previous years, this sound check has taken place in the daytime on Thursday, but moving to an evening will give us an even more accurate picture of sound levels and how we can manage them, which will help us make any changes necessary prior to the event starting.


Fireworks will happen at the following times: Saturday 24th August between 21:00 – 21:30 PM and Sunday 25th August between 21:05 – 21:35 PM. These displays will last no more than 5 minutes.

Traffic & road closures

Wood Lane is closed from 08:00 on the 21st August until the 26th August at 19:00 . There is a Gap Closure (where the junction between the central reservation is no longer open) on the A46 and the turning onto Wood Lane during this time period too, for safety reasons.

Security and safety

We work closely with Lincolnshire Police, who have a presence both on site at Lost Village and in the local community while the event is on. The event pays for this to provide reassurance in the local community and assistance with any issues on site. We work with two leading security firms to make sure that any problems on site are dealt with properly. We are grateful to say that our audience is well behaved and respectful.


If you’re wondering what we do to make sure our event is as sustainable as possible, you can read more about it here.

Key dates

On Wednesday 21st of August, we will be testing the sound systems, to ensure that noise levels off site are optimised. It is likely that you may hear low level noise from the event site at this time. Please don’t be concerned, this is a controlled process that enables us to make sure that the rest of the weekend has minimal impact off site. Lost Village 2024 starts on Thursday 22nd August, with the audience leaving site on Monday 26th August.

Community impact report

We are working with an independent consultant to produce a report on our impact in the local area, both socially and economically. Early indications are that Lost Village provides a boost to the economy of close to £1M on an annual basis.


You can contact us during the show using our Community Impact Hotline: 01522 719101 (Operational during the live event from midday on Wednesday 21 August 2024).

For information about residents tickets or anything else you would like to know, please email us on residents@lostvillagefestival.com.