Local Residents 2021

Local Residents 2021

As promised on our local notification posters, this web page is designed to give you further information regarding Lost Village 2021 and give you a wider understanding of our role in the local area.

Key information;

Dates: 26th – 30th August 2021

Location: Oakhill Leisure, Norton Lane

What is Lost Village?:  Lost Village is a mix of live music, arts, performance, food, culture, wellness and relaxation featuring a wealth of international artists, chefs and musicians. We’re working closely with North Kesteven District Council to ensure it’s a great success for the local economy, and to also support local projects and causes.

This page is split into 3 sections; (1) Event Information (2) Local Economy Impact and (3) Local Causes

Event Information


Impact on local roads will be minimal and for small windows of time. We have been working with event traffic specialists to ensure that the flow of traffic from the A46 into the event is safe, steady and well managed. The main entrance, car park and drop-off area is located at the top of Wood Lane (A46 end) but there is a full road closure in place along the rest of the road where only immediate residents and production traffic will be permitted.


We are working with a leading national security contractor to ensure that the event and surrounding area is safe, secure and well managed.


We’ve banned the use of non-recyclable plastics on site and will also be recycling waste on site.

We’ve also implemented a vast range of new provisions and systems to drastically decrease our carbon footprint, including partnerships with A Greener Festival (AGF), Every Can Counts, Big Green Coach and the Take Your Tent Home.

We are pleased to announce that we have committed to offsetting and balancing the TOTAL known emissions based on the data calculated in 2019. We will be doing this with the help of our reforestation partner Tree-Nation and Plan Vivo, through CO2e certified projects. Our CO2e authenticated forest will offset ALL our emissions from LV 2019 and we will continue to expand this forest every year, offsetting any remaining emissions.


Music and performance runs from 11.30am each day, until 1:00am on Friday and 2:00am on Saturday and Sunday. On Thursday, music begins at 2pm, but in order to test compliance with sound levels, we will carry our noise propagation testing between 11am and 12pm on Thursday 22nd. There’s no music on Monday.

We have implemented a range of new technologies and equipment for the 2019 event, to further minimise the ambient sound in the local area. That being said, it is realistic to expect a level of noise that is audible from the exterior of local premises. We are working closely with experienced noise consultants and North Kesteven District Council to ensure that levels are within legal limits in the local area.


On the evening of Friday 23rd and Sunday 25th, there is usually a short firework display between the hours of 8pm and 10pm. Each will last around 10-15 minutes. If you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch.


Should you need to speak to us, we have a direct phone line to our Event Control inside the festival. Your call and question will be logged and dealt with swiftly.

01522 719 101

[Operational from 2pm on Thursday 26th August, 2021 to 2pm on Monday 30th August, 2021]



Lost Village and the Local Economy

Economic Impact:  What we spend

In 2021, Lost Village will spend the following;

  • £340,000 with Local Suppliers in a broad range of industries.
  • £17,180 with the local authorities
  • £41,500 with local individuals in wages
  • £17,000 directly in local shops

This accounts for a direct economic impact of


Economic Impact: our wider contribution

We assess that Lost Village will also make the following contribution to the local economy:

  • Local Shops: Circa 45k spend on camping, food and hygiene supplies.
  • Local Taxis: £30k spend on movements to and from the site.
  • Accommodation: £5k – Air BnB and hotels not booked by us directly for artists and suppliers.


  • Based on conservative estimates, Lost Village will have an economic impact in the surrounding area in 2020 of approximately £496,000



Local Causes

In addition to our economic impact, in 2019, Lost Village supported the following causes;

• A local village hall
• Scouts
•Youth theatre
• School sports kits
• School sports equipment
• Local dementia support group
• Preschool facilities
• An arts project in local church building
• Playgroup garden facility
• Speed awareness signage in local village



To speak to a member of the Lost Village team just drop us an email on [email protected] and we’ll come right back to you.