Carbon Neutral Travel to Lost Village with Big Green Coach

Carbon Neutral Travel to Lost Village with Big Green Coach

We are teaming up with Big Green Coach to make festival travel easier, more affordable and more sustainable. Return locations include London Vic, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge, Brighton, Leeds, Leicester, Loughborough & Sheffield.

Return coaches start from £38.

Putting the Green in Big Green Coach, this year all coach services to Lost Village will be carbon neutral. In collaboration with Ecolibrium, investments into renewable energy projects will be calculated to balance all emissions from each and every seat, with a clever calculator now build into their booking system.

With audience travel accounting for almost 80% of carbon emissions of a festival or live event, it’s never been more important to think about your travel choices. Not only could we drastically reduce the emissions of Lost Village if everyone travelled by coach, but the number of cars taken off the roads would have a huge positive impact on congestion around site.

Already the greenest way to travel, and now with all services carbon neutral, Big Green Coach also work with Cool Earth to protect Amazon Rainforest. For every customer that travels with them, they sponsor 5sq foot of rainforest for 10 years. Over the last few years that means more than one million square foot has already been protected!

Each year Big Green Coach save on average enough travel miles per festival to take you to the moon and back 46 times, or an average carbon saving per festival to boil 7.8 million kettles!

Tree planting days in the UK are also something the Big Green Coach team get involved with, and in 2022 the team are off to Walsall Arboretum to do their bit. Wish them luck!